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Future Indirect Fires Conference in Bristol, UK – February 28th till March 1st 2017


The aim of the Future Indirect Fires Conference is to examine the likely development of Joint Lethal and Non Lethal Fires during the next decade.

This conference will be attended by all leading military organisations concerned within this field in Europe, North America and beyond.

Attending the Future Indirect Fires Conference, Microflown AVISA will have the opportunity to meet senior-level decision makers and military officers from many different nations involved in the development of their respective national capabilities. Having a reserved speaking slot in the morning of day 1, Microflown AVISA will be presenting the latest sound ranging results of  its AMMS system.  The presentation will be focusing on providing a clear picture of the effectiveness using Acoustic Multi-Mission Sensors for detecting, classifying and localising audiable threats such as indirect fires, small arms fires and UAVs.

If you have any further questions regarding our participation at this event,
please contact: marketingavisa@microflown.com