3D Acoustic Situational Awareness , Accurate and Reliable Gunshot Localisation in Real Time , True Multi-Threat Localisation Capability, Worldwide Unique Acoustic Vector Sensor , Redefining Battlefield Acoustics

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The AMMS Command and Control software (AMMS C2) is used to receive all the detected data from the AMMS’s located in the field, to process that information, and to display the event localisations.

The detection of an acoustic RAM or SAF event by one of the AMMS, results in wirelessly reporting time stamp, type of acoustic event, and direction of the event to the AMMS Command Post. The majority of processing is done at each sensor individually, to keep the wirelessly transmitted packages to the Command Post as small as possible. The pre-processed information from multiple AMMS’s, is then analysed centrally. The calculated locations are presented on the AMMS control software in both tabular form and on a map of the actual training range or area, in real-time. The points of impacts (POI) and points of origin (POO) are also presented as grid coordinates, as well as the shooter location and direction of shooting. All information can be exported or printed out for further reporting and de-briefing. The easy and user-friendly Windows based Command Post software allows remote access to all sensors to easily and conveniently configure and maintain the system.

Real Time mode

The AMMS C2 (Command & Control) software is the application to manage the complete AMMS system in the field. After the deployment of the AMMS system the following steps are explained in the Quick Guide Deployment AMMS System. Therefore the AMMS C2 server software takes control of the whole system and allows you to see in real time the localisations detected with the acoustic sensors (AMMS).

Simulation mode

The AMMS C2 software in simulation mode allows the reproduction of a recording made with the AMMS system. The user is able to change the settings of the simulation creating several databases as desired. The databases can be saved with different parameters such as weather conditions, control of localisation computations (deconfliction settings) and so on, to study the differences in the results.

 User Interface

The AMMS C2 server has a simple and friendly user interface that helps the operator with the management of the system during measurements.

The main screen is divided in two parts:

1. The upper toolbars which will be used for the configuration and control parameters of the measurement.

2. The Main area which has several interfaces depending on the tab’s selection you choose. In this case the Map tab is chosen. Here is where the AMMS’s and plotted localised events are shown.

user interface