3D Acoustic Situational Awareness , Accurate and Reliable Gunshot Localisation in Real Time , True Multi-Threat Localisation Capability, Worldwide Unique Acoustic Vector Sensor , Redefining Battlefield Acoustics

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Gunshot Detection

Situation awareness is a key to self-protection and to the ability to launch offensive actions. In a crisis area where forces oppose each other in a more or less static situation, one would really like to know what is happening on the other side and ‘against what do I have to defend myself ?’. That can be achieved with the RAM-LOC system.

The RAM-LOC system provides the exact coordinates from where shots are fired into your own territory. The information will be shown on a map and one can easily see the current situation and what is going on. Countering the fire is easy as one knows exactly where it is coming from and directing own indirect fire or aircraft becomes easy. The system can of course also be used for border violations and with its embedded recording facility become proof in court.  For the typical product facilitating this, please see under products: RAM-LOC

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