3D Acoustic Situational Awareness , Accurate and Reliable Gunshot Localisation in Real Time , True Multi-Threat Localisation Capability, Worldwide Unique Acoustic Vector Sensor , Redefining Battlefield Acoustics

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An AMMS can be mounted on all sorts of military vehicles, either wheeled or tracked.

It requires some customisation steps, such as:

  • finding a position on the vehicle that is acoustically speaking optimal but not hindering operational use
  • developing the mechanical mounting to absorb noise and vibrations of the vehicle platform itself
  • interconnecting the exterior AMMS to the interior ( piercing armour)
  • displaying the information to the crew or its dismounted soldiers

Both, standalone and networked versions can be provided.

As far as its performance is concerned, as compared to an AMMS used as an unattended ground sensor in a perfectly quiet environment, a  Vehicle Mounted AMMS may experience:

  • a higher level self noise due to the drive line and wind
  • noises created by the crew members, such as door slams, gun boxes rattling, sneezing, etc.
  • outgoing fire of remote weapon stations

Background noise suppression