3D Acoustic Situational Awareness , Accurate and Reliable Gunshot Localisation in Real Time , True Multi-Threat Localisation Capability, Worldwide Unique Acoustic Vector Sensor , Redefining Battlefield Acoustics

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  • Acoustic Multi-Mission Sensor

    AMMS is broad banded passive system with extremely small footprint which provides precise localisation of Small Arms Fire, Rockets, Artillery and Mortars, and can be advanced to further battlefield threats.

  • Compound Protection System

    The AMMS based compound protection system provides a true multi-threat hostile fire localisation capability against Small Arms Fire and Rockets, Artillery and Mortars.

    • compound_6
    • compound1
    • dsc_2043
    • compound-3
    • localizations
  • Ground Based Gunshot Localisation

    Ground Based Gunshot Localisation System for Small Arms Fire dramatically improves situational awareness and provides protection of individual high value targets.

    • Ground Based AMMS
    • Ground Based AMMS_01
  • UAV Based Gunshot Localisation

    The Acoustic Target Acquisition Payload accurately locates hostile fire positions utilising the Acoustic Vector Sensor technology in 3D. The payload further allows Sense & Avoid applications.

    • UAV_WB1
    • UAV_S
    • IMG_1715
    • UAV
  • Target Practicing Array

    Target Practicing Array is a broad banded passive and fast deployable training, testing and safety system which maps Point of Impact and Point of Origin of Rockets, Artillery and Mortars.

    • target-practicing-array
    • target-practicing
    • targetpracticing
    • obsrevers
  • Vehicle Based Gunshot Localisation

    V-AMMS is a highly accurate and reliable gunshot detection and localisation system for Small Arms Fire. The unique Acoustic Vector Sensor technology allows unprecedented accuracies.

    • V-AMMS_1
    • V-AMMS_M
    • V-AMMS01
    • v-ammssoftware
    • v-ammssoftwareperformance
    • V-AMMS02
    • V-AMMS03
    • V-AMMS
    • V-AMMS_2
  • Mobile Sound Ranging Array

    MRSA is a broad banded passive, fast deployable and lightweight long range artillery localistion system, which is typically deployed at borderlines to locate hostile firing positions.

    • mobile-sound-ranging-system
    • mobile-sound-ranging-software-performance
    • amms-with-geo-boom
    • perch-and-listen
    • v-amms

Product Developments

  • Acoustically Cued Video Surveillance

    VAUDEO  is the combination of Acoustic Vector Sensors and surveillance cameras to support the operator in looking in the right direction in the right point in time.

    • Monitor_wall
    • airport2
  • Hostile Fire Locator for Helicopters

    ACHOFILO is an extremely lightweight system to locate hostile shooters, firing regular Small Arms Fire at helicopters. It has been successfully demonstrated with the Dutch Armed Forces.

    • achofilo
    • achofilo2
  • Crowd Control AMMS

    Crowd Control AMMS is a quadcopter integrated localisation system for Small Arms Fire. Its unique capability is to accurately pinpoint shooters in large crowds.

    • cc-amms1
    • cc-amms2
    • cc-amms3
    • cc-amms4
  • Perch and Listen AMMS

    Perch and Listen AMMS is a revolutionary way of accurately locating hostile fire positions with the help of a specifically developed quadcopter for long range deployment. It can be used as a single AMMS solution or as part of networked AMMS.

    • FF-AMMS5
    • FF-AMMS2
    • FF-AMMS1
    • FF-AMMS3
    • FF-AMMS4
  • Personal Acoustic Localisation

    The Personal Acoustic Localisation System (PALS) provides dismounted soldiers with the ability to detect and locate Small Arms Fire (SAF).

    • 1IMG_9295-283x300
    • mini-AMMS-backpack-300x279