3D Acoustic Situational Awareness , Accurate and Reliable Gunshot Localisation in Real Time , True Multi-Threat Localisation Capability, Worldwide Unique Acoustic Vector Sensor , Redefining Battlefield Acoustics

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Crowd Control AMMS

Crowd Control Acoustic Multi-Mission Sensor is a quadcopter integrated localisation system for Small Arms Fire, based on the worldwide unique and extremely small Acoustic Vector Sensor (AVS) technology developed by Microflown AVISA. In case of shootings at mass gatherings or riots, the novel Crowd Control AMMS automatically cues the camera onto the shooter which allows fast and easy identification of aggressors in large crowds.

Integrated into a quadcopter, the Crowd Control AMMS provides a 3D situational awareness. The main mission of this unique technology is to secure Royal ceremonies, mass gatherings and public events such as Olympic Games or championships. In a situation of hostile shooting, the Crowd Control AMMS automatically cues the camera payload of the UAV onto the hostile shooter. The ground control station of the UAV immediately provides a live feed of the suspect and the location to the operator who can inform and guide the related security forces on the ground to instantly disarm or neutralise the aggressor.

It is a game-changer for anti-terror operations and differentiates itself from traditional quadcopter systems, which are typically equipped with just a camera payload. Identification of a shooter in a mass gathering or riot  was an uncontrollable gamble for the UAV operator with unknown outcome until now.

The CC-AMMS payload additionally adds a directional hearing capability to the UAV which cues the camera payload in the moment of the shot toward the shooter. It is sheer impossible for an aggressor to fire a weapon and remain undetected among large crowds, while a CC-AMMS is deployed .

A variety of quadcopters can be assembled with the lightweight and small acoustic payload to ensure necessary flight time and range. The extremely small Size, low Weight and Power (low SWaP) of the unique Acoustic Vector Sensor payload allows the integration.


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