3D Acoustic Situational Awareness , Accurate and Reliable Gunshot Localisation in Real Time , True Multi-Threat Localisation Capability, Worldwide Unique Acoustic Vector Sensor , Redefining Battlefield Acoustics

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Target Practicing Array

mortarThe Acoustic Multi-Mission Sensors detect and locate both launch and impact events for indirect fire, such as Rockets, Artillery and Mortars, as well as direct fire, such as anti-tank rockets and grenades.

All shooting events are detected, located and displayed on a map based user interface in real-time. You can quickly shift focus from current events to events in the near past (to several days or even months).

The overview of the Target Practicing Array greatly improves the training process by providing immediate confirmation of all fire locations in the field. Now you can effectively judge how accurate your Forward Observers observations are, and how accurate your FDC and gunners’ adjustments are.

In case target areas are added to the map, and they are configured as safe areas (such as the target area where shells are expected and intended to explode), so when an impact or shot is localized outside the safe area, an alarm will go off.  Another option is the change in map color mode. Depending on the user preferences this can be set.

Color mode

Color mode